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Export: Overview
Bamboo gives you the ability to download your patient encounter data so you can create reports and gain insight into your patients' utilization patterns, referral patterns, length of stay metrics, and more. You can download and view your data in Excel via:
  • Saved filters: when you pull an export from your saved filter, it will include only those patient events that match to the saved filter at the time you run the report.
  • Reporting tab: this will allow you to pull a larger data set, based on the timeframe during which patient events occurred. You also can specify which specific data fields you’d like to include in the download.

Export Data from Bamboo 

Exporting data from your reporting tab allows you to download a list of patient encounters based on the timeframe that you select, and also provides the option to select specific fields you'd like included in your exports. To export from your reporting tab:

Click on reporting in the navigation bar

Click export in the dropdown menu
In the export pop-up window, select your desired date range and fields you'd like to include
Click the export button and your file will be downloaded to your computer
You can then run reports and analyze trends, including referral and utilization patterns, readmission rates, and the average length of stay for your patient events!

Export Data from Your Saved Filter

Exporting data from your saved filters allows you to download a more targeted list of patient encounters based on your responsibilities, priorities, and workflow so that you can act fast on your top-priority patient events. To export from your saved filter:

Click the gear to the right of your saved filter
Click export filter results and your file will be downloaded to your computer

Note: When exporting from a saved filter, the downloaded file will include only patient events that match to your saved filter criteria at the time you run the export. If the patient's most recent event no longer applies to the saved filter criteria, that patient event will not be included in the export.

 What's In Your Export?
You can run exports from PatientPing at any time. The fields you can export include: 
  • Facility Pinged
  • Facility Name
  • Facility NPI
  • Facility City
  • Facility State
  • Facility Type
  • Visit ID
  • Status
  • Status Date
  • Status Time
  • Event Processed Time
  • Event Processed Time
  • Event Receive Date
  • Event Receive Time
  • Setting
  • Patient ID
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Patient Phone Number (Unknown source)
  • Health Insurance Number
  • Health Insurance Type
  • Practice
  • Provider
  • Program
  • Facility Visit Id
  • Account Number
  • Admitted From
  • Discharged Disposition
  • Discharge Location
  • MLOA Disposition
  • MLOA Location
  • Status Active
  • Admit Care Coordinator
  • Discharge Care Coordinator
  • Ping Active
  • Entry Delay
  • Ping Resolution Date
  • Ping Resolution Status
  • Ping Resolution Time
  • Ping Resolution Username
  • Visit Duration
  • LOS
  • 3DW
  • Attending Provider NPI
  • Attending Provider Last Name
  • Attending Provider First Name
  • Active Roster Patient
  • Primary Diagnosis Description
  • Primary Diagnosis Code
  • Diagnosis Category
  • Subsequent Diagnosis Code
  • High Utilizer Flag
  • Readmission Risk Flag
  • Recent SNF Stay Flag
  • Recent Inpatient Stay Flag

Analyze Data in Excel

The downloaded file will include information that is conveyed within the Bamboo product today, including all admissions, transfers, payor charges, and discharges. 

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Note: If you have any additional questions you can view our on-demand guided training resources here
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