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Approved users with the appropriate permissions can manage your organization’s Bamboo Health user accounts by visiting the User Report. For these approved users, the User Report can be found in the Reporting dropdown menu.

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Search for an Existing Account

Use the search bar to navigate the User Report. Get started by simply entering the user’s first name, last name, or email address to locate their account. 

If there are no results, this indicates that the user does not have an account with Bamboo Health. 

View Login Activity

You can monitor your organization’s Bamboo Health activity by reviewing your user community’s last login dates, days since the last login, and % of days logged in during the past 30 days. For more details on these metrics, please see the definitions below:

  • Last Login: The date on which the user last logged into PatientPing
  • Days Since Last Login: The number of days passed since the user last logged in to PatientPing
  • % of Days Logged In: Number of days the user logged in at least once divided by 30

View Users’ Current Permissions

For user permission details, please review the Facilities column. This column indicates the group(s) to which the user has access in Bamboo Health. Please reach out to to request updates to a user’s permissions. 

Disable Accounts

To disable a Bamboo Health account, search for the specific user and click Disable User under the Actions column. 

Note: If you would like to reenable a disabled user's account, please reach out to for assistance.   

Resend Account Activation Emails

To resend an account activation email, click resend activation email under actions to trigger a reminder to any team member who has yet to activate their account.

Export a User Activity Summary Report

Click the export button on the User Report to download a .xlsx file or .pdf version of the report. The file will include all information that is conveyed within the in-app User Report.

Note: If you have any additional questions you can view our on-demand guided training resources here
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